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Martin Smith
Captain Mend

About Us

"Quick and simple anti-ageing skincare in 60 seconds or less."

We are a small, family-run business based in Somerset, near Bristol.

Our office holds just 5 people, a couple of plants and our beloved dogs, Daisy and Willow, who stare at us on the hour (every hour) for another walk.

Mend is a rebellious yet humble skincare business. It was born when our founder, Martin, saw an opportunity for "the little guy" to offer an alternative to the fussy, over-complicated products favoured by the old school skin care industry.

Martin and the small hard-working team at Mend are a world away from the big brand skin care powerhouses. Yet we are 100% in tune with the very customers these larger companies have chosen to ignore - busy men and women who simply don't have time for tradition anti-ageing skincare routines.

You won't find pretentious nonsense here. Just smart-looking and highly effective skin care products, combined with a warm, friendly and personal customer service.

We know the odds are against us in a market packed with global household names. But with our passion, fun-loving spirit and a little bit of luck, Martin's "impossible" dream of changing the face of anti-ageing skincare might just become a reality.