Modern men and women are way too busy.

You live and work in an age with infinite online and offline demands on your time and attention. And there definitely comes a point when the responsibilities of life finally catch up with you.

When you take a look in the mirror one morning and don't recognise the person staring back. Maybe you've had a long work week, maybe those eye bags are hereditary, or ageing is to blame.

Either way, you look tired and haggard, my friend. And it's not going to get any better until you start looking after that skin under your eyes with a proven anti-ageing routine, before it's too late.

Mend Bright Eye Gel

But why do your eyes need their own dedicated product?

Well, It’s pretty obvious to even a casual observer that the skin around our eyes is a little different from the rest of our faces.

At Mend, we have spent years obsessing over this subject, developing our very own Bright Eye Gel to specifically bring those tired eyes back to life.

We did this for 5 key reasons:

1. The skin under ours eyes is more fragile, thin and delicate, with fewer sebum-producing cells that act as a moisture barrier to protect the skin. It’s a unique area that requires a unique approach to its care.

2. Our eyes move more than any other part of our face. We blink up to 28,000 times every day. Each time we laugh, sneeze, smile, frown, cough or speak, our eye muscles are activated.

All this use leads to a greater likelihood of creasing and the appearance of fine lines, when compared to the rest of our face. They’re called ‘laughter lines’ for a reason.

3. Eyes are more prone to fluid retention, dark circles and puffiness. Not something that generally befalls the rest of our face. It’s where retained fluid can accumulate and requires specialist intervention.

4. Sensitivity. Think about the pain of getting shampoo in your eyes. While facial moisturisers aren’t quite the same thing, putting a moisturiser and its active ingredients close to your eyes (especially if they are sensitive), is asking for trouble.

Not that we’re suggesting you apply your eye gel too close to your eyes either, but if it does get into your eyes, the consequences are going to be a lot less irritating.

5. Eye creams and gels do a different job to regular moisturisers. And that really is the bottom line. While both products share some common characteristics and similar ingredients, they will be in different concentrations and percentages of the product, because they aren’t there to do the same thing.


The key ingredients in Mend Bright Eye Gel were painstakingly formulated to target common under eye problems, including premature ageing and tiredness, while promoting overall healthier skin.

Our Eye Gel beautifully compliments the other products in the Mend collection. And when used consistently over time, it will make a huge difference to puffiness, dark circles and under eye wrinkles.