Prevention is better than cure. That said, most people don’t start considering an anti-ageing skin care regime until they are in their thirties or forties.

It's around our mid twenties, however, that those dark, puffy circles underneath our eyes start to become more noticeable, particularly first thing in the morning.

So unless you have won the genetic lottery and your parents look significantly younger than their chronological age, you really should start thinking about using a daily Under Eye Gel before anything else.

Why Use An Eye Gel?

1. The skin around our eyes is not the same as the skin on the rest of our face, which calls for special measures.

There’s less fat and soft tissue and less to support the skin in that area. This makes it easier for the skin under our eyes to sag quicker than the other, better padded areas of our face.

2. There are fewer oil grands underneath our eyes, producing less sebum. This means that it has lower natural protection from environmental damage and less naturally-occurring hydration.

3. The skin under our eyes is one of the first places to lose elasticity, because it's thinner and less fortified by our own internal systems.

4. If that wasn’t bad enough, by the time that we do actually get older, hormonal changes occur that lead to a reduction in collagen and elastin fibres losing their tautness. Much like what happens to your six pack.

5. Our eyes are constantly moving, straining and blinking, which moves that fragile skin a lot more than other parts of our face. In fact, the area underneath our eyes works out way more than the skin on the vast majority of our bodies.

5. Around our eyes is where we hold toxins. If our body’s lymphatic system is not working effectively (if, for example, your liver is working hard because you’ve been out drinking a few nights in the week) then that shows in puffy, tired-looking eyes and dark circles.

Active ingredients in Eye Creams and Eye Gels can help boost circulation and get things moving again to reduce puffiness and swelling.


While there isn’t a definitive answer to when is the right time to start using an Eye Cream or Gel, it is probably a good guide to assume that some point in your twenties is ideal, particularly if the rest of your skin verges towards dryness.

Pick a gel formula, rather than a heavy cream and preferably one with an all-natural, organic composition with lots of gentle nourishing ingredients.

Of course, we're biased, but we believe that Mend Bright Eye Gel is one of the single BEST products that you can use on the skin under your eyes. It took us more than two years to research, test and refine this Eye Gel and we're extremely proud of the result.