We sometimes wonder why Vitamin C does not form part of every single anti-ageing product on the market.

Seriously, when you take the time to properly delve into the research, It's clear that this ingredient is the nutts, turning its hand to most skincare concerns with minimal fuss and maximum effectiveness.

Previously, Vitamin C Serum had a bit of a bad rep. It oxidised quickly and could be too harsh for some skin types to tolerate.

Here at Mend, we’ve addressed that by tapping into a form of Vitamin C that not only lasts considerably longer than some of its counterparts, but brings added benefits to the party. Our version has all the advantages of a regular Vitamin C Serum, but also happens to be a proven, low-irritation version.

Indeed, our vegan-friendly Mend Vitamin C Serum is packed full of skin-soothing organic and natural ingredients, making it well-tolerated, even if you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

But why does our skin need Vitamin C Serum at all? Here’s five reasons why:

1. Your skin will be protected from free radical and UV damage.

The antioxidant properties in Mend Vitamin C Serum help to protect skin from outside pollutants. It provides free radicals with an extra molecule in the skin to leech off, keeping our own skin molecules intact and undamaged.

2. You’ll reduce hyperpigmentation.

That’s those dark spots on skin that are the result of former scarring, or from sun damage by UV rays. Vitamin C has UV-blocking qualities on the skin, reducing the potential of sun damage. When used with an SPF, Vitamin C Serum actually improves the efficacy of sun protection on the skin. They are better together. Fact.

3. Your skin will look brighter.

Vitamin C Serum can actively help to fade scars, spots and patches of hyperpigmentation. It gently exfoliates, allowing newer, fresher skin to shine through.

4. You’ll get fewer spots.

Brilliant for helping treat acne, sodium ascorbyl phosphate (our Vitamin C compound) acts as an antimicrobial and helps to prevent sebum oxidisation, which causes spots. Mend Vitamin C Serum can also help control the oiliness of the skin.

5. Regulates collagen synthesis in the skin.

Vitamin C makes it a fantastic anti-ager, helping to plump fine lines and replenish lost volume in the skin. It also acts as a barrier to protect and prevent against moisture loss.

Still not convinced? Why not try Mend Vitamin C Serum completely risk-free for 30 days. If you're not completely blown away by the results on your skin, we'll refund your money under our no quibbles money back guarantee.